A poem

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I’ve been searching for something
Maybe it’s the me inside of you
Identification is a beautiful thing
When the substance is true

You see I’m the one who
Is unashamed to share all that I am
The one who never bought into
Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

But lately, I’ve been craving something
Maybe it’s community
With people who understand the sensation
Of fingertips caressing keys

The incredible beings that understand
That thoughts, a multitude of thoughts
Must be transmuted
Through pen in hand

Or they become like a dream in the night
You forgot that you had
A grudge you hold on…

A poem

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Flashes of light
Little soft toes
Ten fingers, skin like the clouds
One million kisses on your tiny button nose

Glimpses of time
Indescribable blessings of mine
Never to truly part
Desperately trying to lock each moment inside my heart

Every smile a priceless gift
But like rain slips through my fingertips
Each first was a first
Something like magic and I didn’t want to miss

Through some divine miracle you evolved
Into what I can only describe as grace
It all happened so fast
A multitude of love felt in every possible way

My lights expanded in what seemed…

One passenger’s experience that was anything but normal

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“OMG! What’s the problem driver? This is ridiculous!” Kate was furious that the bus had been at a complete standstill for over 10 minutes. The fact that the driver didn’t even offer a response was even more annoying than the sweltering heat. I would be riding the bus that breaks down on the hottest day of the summer.

Her foot tapped the floor, and her fingernails were down to nubs. Looking down at her phone, the words in his message stung worse than they did the last 10 times she read them: I just need some time and space Kate…

When your heart breaks beyond repair

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She woke up frantically as if being snatched from another world. The pillow was damp and her silk pajamas were clinging to her skin. The dream was so real. This time she was convinced that she could actually smell him. The moment she reached out for his hand, she woke up, as always. A river of tears streamed down her face. She was slumped over the edge of the bed whispering his name softly, clutching her nightshirt at the stomach, overcome by despair’s faithful greeting.

“Morning babe, how’d you sleep?” her husband asked.

“I didn’t,” she said, without looking up…

A poem

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She watches as her youth drifts away
Like the array of colors in the heavens
Signaling to all the arrival of a new day

Can’t recall the exact moment it began
Unable to identify it by name
Surely it is fading, she remains powerless to make it stay

It would be a miracle to hold on to
That woman she had known all her life
The one who worked three jobs, kept food on the table and didn’t have to ask twice

The soft kiss of MS leaves none of her untouched
Chronic pain, forgotten words, daily frustrations
The simplest tasks hurt…

Don’t allow the weight of this life to make you forget your playful self

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Over the weekend I hung out with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. We laughed, caught up with each other, and genuinely enjoyed the day. I had so much fun doing the simplest thing, sitting at the park. While snapping my fingers to the music and looking at the sun rays, I realized that I’m not having enough fun. What about you?


When we were children, play time was of the utmost importance. I remember giving my Barbie a shower in the…

The short story of a young woman who finally caught a break

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“Please God, I know I haven’t always done what’s right but I need this.” She scratched off the lottery ticket carefully, hoping for a win. “Yes!” She screamed. “Thank you! It’s about time you gave me something I asked for.”

She cashed in her winning ticket and counted the $2,500.00 twice. Her happiness was short-lived thinking about everyone she owed. “Ok, I definitely have to pay Mr. Al $900.00 for last month’s rent.” She thought. “I will give Tina the $550.00 I borrowed; the phone bill is…”

“Spare some change, Miss?” The beggar interrupted her mental calculations.

He was sitting…

“The treasure within the present moment is often bullied by the obsession of anticipated outcomes.”

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The Present Moment

How often do you embrace the present moment as the treasure that it is? Even now, you’re probably questioning if this article is worth reading, instead of offering your full attention to each word. The current moment is treated like a rental car. You use it as a device strictly to transport you from one point to another. You withhold the TLC of a wash, wax, or the little tree car freshener. You don’t pay for a detail like you would if…

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“The road less traveled can feel lonely however it brings unexpected comfort and peace.”

One day you look up and realize that your inner circle has changed from the size of a half dollar, down to a dime. Ironically the relationships themselves have increased in value and substance. You can count your true friends on one hand and still have some fingers left over. You know they have your best interest at heart.

You understand that you are on a journey, the less traveled path, you are walking the narrow road. Have you considered what you’ve gained as a direct…

Kristina Edwards-Martin

Love, Serve, Give

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